About Us

Company Profile

As a leading insurance broker in Cairns, our team at Bill Owen Insurance Brokers are experts in the field. We are passionate about providing tailored advice to ensure our clients are given the best cover available. Our knowledge of insurance markets enable us to offer professional advice and the highest standard of service.

Over 30 Years Experience

Bill Owen, the sole Director of the company, has over 30 years of insurance experience. We have developed the skills to place and service many varied and difficult insurance risks. This includes the management of small-medium enterprise and aviation-related accounts.

We strive to maintain our reputation as a top service provider as we believe that all clients deserve the highest standards. Our operations rely on a small team of highly qualified and skilled personnel whose focus is to provide the professional advice with the highest level of service.

Professional Standards

ASIC has granted a licence to operate as a General Insurance Broker under the new Financial Services Reform Act. Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is regulated by ASIC to ensure that our clients can be assured of our professional standards.

License Details

Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
ABN 62 067 609 572
Australian Financial Services Licence No. 235365

Financial Services Guide

If you require any further information about our company license, products we advise on or any other information not found on this website contact our office on (07) 40521000.

Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition to You is:
  • Save you time and money by managing your insurance needs so you can get on with running your business
  • Eliminate the need for you to conduct price and product comparison shopping
  • Offer objective, impartial advice and represent your interest, not the insurer’s
  • Represent your interest in ensuring quick, efficient settlement of claims
  • A business partner that provides independent, professional advice based on experience and expertise
  • You benefit from the expertise of professionals who are trained and in tune with the latest industry developments
  • Access to a full range of insurance to cover all aspect of your business
  • Build long term relationships by understanding your business before providing the solution to ensure the right protection is provided
  • Developing risk management strategies to lower premiums
  • Minimise risk of over or under insurance by correct assessment of assets and identifying gaps in cover
  • Improving cash flow through access to premium funding
  • Handling of insurance placement, documentation and renewals
  • In-depth knowledge across a range on insurance products, the market (locally and internationally) and the business environment impact on insurance
  • Keep you abreast of impacts of market changes to your insurance cover
  • Work with other business partners (accountants, financial advisers, legal) to improve business practices, reduce risks and improve your bottom line
  • Full client relationship management and ability to look at your business from a holistic perspective
  • Ensure the insurance is placed with secure, stable insurers
  • Going direct may appear cheaper but can cost more in the long term if cover is inadequate, risk management is not handled expertly, or when a claim arises