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Landlord Insurance

Many people who own investment properties are often unaware of the differences between general home and contents and specialised landlord insurance. The most important thing to recognize with landlord insurance is that with tenants a larger risk exists not only to your property but also your finances.

With the possibility of lost rental income or even malicious damage, insurers offer specialised landlord polices which provide extra covers such as:

We can find the best possible cover for:

Theft by Tenants

This extension can be added to a landlord policy to cover any loss due to theft by tenants.

Malicious Damage by Tenants

This covers for any damage caused by the tenants within the property that exceeds any amounts any relevant bonds can cover.

Rent Default

If a tenant leaves without notice or before a contract deadline this cover will continue to pay you rent under agreed conditions with the insurer, these terms can vary from insurer to insurer.

Loss of Rent

Covers for any loss of rental income if the house becomes inhabitable because of the result of an insured event such as storm or fire.

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