At Bill Owen Insurance Brokers, we can assist you with all you UAV insurance requirements.

UAV Insurance

UAV insurance is an essential component of drone ownership and usage in Australia. All operators must ensure they have the correct qualifications and insurance coverage for the intended purpose of use of the UAV. Our expert knowledge of the aviation industry and the rapidly growing UAV industry ensures that our insured are correctly covered for all associated risks involved. We can provide you with the best advice for your equipment and experience.

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Coverage is available for:

  • Hull – provides cover for the physical UAV, including the Ground Controls Station
  • Liability – cover for third party liability
  • Transit Extension – provides cover for the UAV whilst being transported
  • Spare Parts Extension – provides cover for spare parts associated with the UAV.

Details You Will Need to Provide:

  • Physical attributes – including the type and weight, take off and landing configurations, control redundancy, overhaul/engine life, operational range, communication links
  • Purpose of use –  e.g. power line survey, or power pole inspections
  • Primary location of use
  • Any restrictions that have been imposed by CASA
  • Details of the pilot/s and their aeronautical experience
  • Whether any risk/safety management systems are in place
  • Details of any past claims

IMPORTANT: UAV Operations are Aviation Risks and should be insured accordingly. It is recommended that you throughly read your Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording to ensure your interests are adequately covered. Particular attention should be made to the exclusions set out in the policy wording.

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