Commercial Insurance

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients have the right insurance at the right price.

Why choose to insure with us?

You can be assured that you will receive accurate insurance cover, whatever business you’re in. We pride ourselves in making sure we have scrupulously assessed all risks associated with your business and that you are always adequately covered.

What are the benefits?

Our dedicated team of insurance brokers are committed to regularly review your insurance policies and obtain alternative quotations at renewal so that you continue to have the most suitable policy and competitive premiums available.


If you are a business owner, Bill Owen Insurance Brokers can assist with business insurance.

Business Insurance

Whether you are home based, sole-trader or a medium sized business making sure you are have the right insurance policy and level of cover is a complex issue that we can help you with.

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We can assist you with your commercial motor vehicle insurance at Bill Owen Insurance Brokers.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

There are a range of covers available for commercial motor vehicles which provide more effective, cost efficient covers than a standard motor vehicle policy.

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Bill Owen Insurance Brokers can help you with your construction insurance.

Construction Insurance

Construction sites pose risks of an accident that may injure a worker and also any loss to building materials and machinery. We can assist in placing cover for all types of construction projects from the home owner builder through to large civil engineering projects and everything in between.

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Protect your business with cyber insurance at Bill Owen Insurance Brokers.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is designed to protect commercial businesses of all kinds against a wide range of first party and third party liability cyber exposures that arise, when their customer information is breached or stolen.

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Talk to Bill Owen Insurance Brokers about your professional indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is important to be aware that general liability insurance does not cover all risks, in fact many occupations many need additional insurance

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If you need assistance with your management liability insurance, talk to Bill Owen Insurance Brokers.

Management Liability

Management Liability Insurance not only protects directors & managers for legal liability they may incur personally in managing a corporation, it also extends to the corporation itself for certain types of claims.

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Many thanks to you and your colleagues for the fantastic effort in getting this (claim) through - we think it’s fair and really appreciate everything that Bill Owen Brokers has done for us, and your contribution particularly.

Mike & Di

Can’t thank you enough for your patience and unending support for something that we have not had to experience before For Bill: Must congratulate you on your staff Bill. Superior help from all. Tks to Amy, Sonya and Linda, for relaying my somewhat garbled phonetical messages seeking help and info of:”What do I do now” Best wishes and regards to all.

Bill & Rhonda

It's when presented with genuine challenges that you get to really see how good your insurance brokers are. Early this year when we needed some help, Angela Downs from Bill Owen was simply superb. She handled the issue professionally and kept us in the loop from start to finish. We have been with these guys for years and after our recent positive experience I sense we may stay with them for many years to come!

S. Corrie