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Home and Contents Insurance

For most people home and contents insurance is essential. Imagine losing your home and everything inside it without being insured?

Taking out home insurance is a protection for your most treasured items. But with so many companies offering insurance it is very important to be able to distinguish between the various differences in cover and the benefits and flaws of each.

We can find the best possible cover for:

Accidental Damage

Accidental damage insurance not only covers for all the listed events in defined events insurance but also covers you for any damage you may cause accidentally. For example if you spill wine on the carpet many accidental damage policies would cover for the replacement of the carpet but defined events cover wouldn’t.

This type of policy also covers jewellery and valuables outside of the home up to certain limits.

Defined Events / Insured Events

Defined events insures your home for losses specifically listed by insurers. These defined events generally vary between the different insurers but most cover events such as fire, theft, storm, liability and malicious damage.

Specified Items

Many insurance companies place limits on how much can be claimed in a certain event, items such as laptop computers and jewellery are often worth more than these limits. By specifying an item you will get the full insured amount in a loss and many polices include cover for specified items Australia wide.

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