We can assist you in finding the best possible car insurance cover.

Car Insurance

Everyday someone in Australia is involved in a car accident, although many of these incidents are injury free they often leave extensive repair bills.

Motor vehicle insurance is a common way of protecting yourself over large losses in these accidents. Australian insurance companies offer various types of cover for motor vehicles with many additional extras. The three basic motor policies we can offer advice on are listed below.

We can find the best possible cover for:

Third Party Property

This covers you for any loss or damage that is caused by you to any third parties property but does not cover any losses to your vehicle when you are at fault.

Comprehensive Insurance

This provides cover for your vehicle for any accidental damage to your car and for any other property that your vehicle may damage during the period of insurance.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This will cover you for loss or damage caused by fire or theft that occurs to your vehicle while insured. There is a broad range of insurers who can be approached for motor vehicle insurance. We can approach all of these insurers and provide you with the best quote on the market.

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